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Portable explosion-proof floodlight

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  • Supply Ability: piecesWarranty(Year):1 Year

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  • Packaging: piece

Product Specifications

Product Description

1、This production is floodlight, and the area of illumination is large.

2、Lamps has two modes of lighting,which includes strong light and work lighting which can be swiched freely,its lightness won't change when working,and the lamp can works last as long as 10 hours,which can satisfy different lighting requirements.

3、Shell lamps are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which has high resistance to deform. The strong anti-shock, anti-corrosion functionality ensure satisfactory performance in humid and heated environment.

4、The unique function of acousto-optical warning:when working,the lamp will check the  density of the flammable gas automatically,if the density is higher than 5000ppm,the lamp will starts the function fo acousto-optical warning immediately,that's suitable in each kind of emergency  and the latent flammable gas place. 

5、The production is easy to carry,the head is adjustable to lock the lighting area exactly.

6、The production has battery that can be recharged,which  is economic and will save much nenrgy .

7、The use of smart charger with protections against over-charge and short-circuit circumstantce.

8、Adopt high power LEDs, which ensures high luminescence efficiency and low-decline, the working life of up to 100,000 hours.

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