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Vehicle working light system

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Product Description

1、Shell lamps are made of metal,and the surface is sprayed coating by anticorrosive static.

2、The lamps is soft lighting,uniform illumiation and long distance illuminance.

3、Adopt high power LEDs, which ensures high luminescence efficiency and low-decline, the working life of up to 100,000 hours.

4、The special LED control circuit which are from own design,is stable and reliable.

5、Wide range of input voltages,DC between 85 V~264V can be applied.

6、It adopt high-performance maintenance-free batteries,which is safe and reliable and also has long cycle life.

7、Explosion-proof switch can be used safety in the environment of flammable and explosive.

8、Charging protection systems ensure that the battery can work stability when the input vlltage is wide.

9、This system can match 6 lamps,and also can match right number of lamps to meet practical requirement.

10、This system is designed for tracked well servicing units(well dredging machines),and we can also designed  specially for wheel well servicing units (well dredging machines) based on specific requirement. 

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